The Dangers of Getting Too Comfortable – My Awakening Moment

I had an awakening moment the other day after watching Jessie Duplantis’ Close Encounters of the God kind, in which he describes his experience of briefly being invited for a visit to Heaven.

I’ve never really imagined or pictured what heaven is really like. The stereotypical views of Heaven was all I’ve ever known. The pearly gates, streets of gold, the list could go on. 

My eyes were opened to what Heaven is actually like. What Jesus is actually like. What God is actually like. 

As he was describing his experience, all I could do was just sit in amazement at how powerful our God really is. He sits on His throne, and at the flick of just one of His fingers, the supernatural happens. God moves effortlessly and He never gets tired. 

It was a reality check to me, and led me to worship and praise Him all the more. Just to know that this all powerful, all knowing being, the King of Kings, the God of all gods is fighting for me, is watching out for me, is there for me. He knows me by name. He cares for me and my life because I am His creation. 

It’s all made me come to this realization that God truly knows what is best for me. He closes doors and opens new doors when we least expect it. He moves the metaphoric mountains that no man and no thing can move. 

What I originally thought was an attack, was recently revealed to me that it was actually God closing some doors for my business in 2019. 

For those of you that don’t know, my company, Social League, Inc is a business that helps bloggers and businesses grow their Instagram accounts. I connect my clients with large influencers on Instagram who help promote them to grow their Instagram followers. 

Last year was a horrible year for my business. Left and right I felt that it was being attacked. I lost money, I lost business connections, I lost followers, I lost partnerships, and I lost clients. All for various reasons, but for other reasons too that I didn’t understand at the time. 

The same thing had happened in 2017, around the time Sam and I had gotten married. I picked back up on it winter that same year after revamping. My business came back with a vengeance. 

But this time was different. 

I thought God was telling me that it was time to move on. Time to sell Social League after we had just bought our house? After we had just turned the business from an LLC to an Incorporation, which really made no sense. I had spent the last 3-4 years of my life building this business just for God to tell me to throw it away? 

All the nights spent crying, all the migraines and stomach ulcers (yes, stress related) I endured, the panic and anxiety attacks, the mental breakdowns, the emotional pain I endured to make Social League what it is today, just to throw it away? 

I felt discouraged after so many months of drought. So many campaign fails, bad business decisions. So I paused. 

I started Christ Adorned after feeling like I was being led by God. It became not just another source of income, but it became my refuge. My way to reach out to lost souls. My way to encourage those that felt like there was no way out. 

Rewind back to last 2019, my husband had expressed to me that maybe it was time to let go of my small thinking. Stop working with the smaller companies and Instagram influencers. He told me that it was time to think bigger. Time to start working with other million-dollar companies, and start working with big celebrities. 

But I couldn’t shake the idea of the possibility that I may fail. What if I screw up with a Hollywood celebrity? What would that mean for my business if I make a mistake? What if I’m shunned by that industry before I can really even get started? 

What if other companies like mine, start to plot against me (which happens a lot in this business)? What if other companies undercut me before I even get the chance to work with these celebrities? So many what ifs. So much fear bottled up inside me. I battle the spirit of fear frequently, but that’s another story for another time.

There were also a lot of legal things that I needed to get settled before I started working with celebrities. I needed a lawyer for my company, which I still hadn’t had yet after 3 years being in business. My contracts with my clients and influencers were loose and not good at all. I had no liability waivers so if anything were to happen, I would’ve been in a lot of trouble.

It all just felt so overwhelming. So I gave up the idea of going higher, achieving greater. I liked where my business was in 2018.  So I was aiming to get back to that. I liked the smaller businesses and smaller influencers. I was “comfortable.” 

Let me just tell you: comfortable is dangerous. 

At this point you’re probably wondering, “What does any of this have to do with Jessie Duplantis and his God encounters?” 

I’ll get to that. 

January 1st, 2020. I was sick of what I was dealing with. I was tired of Social League failing. I asked God, “Why are you allowing this to happen? Why have the prophecies for my business not come true? At this point, how can they?” 

I told my husband one morning that I was done. I told him, “I’m selling this business.” I wanted nothing more to do with Social League. 

We had a heated, but respectful argument. He said “Nae, you’ve been nothing but negative about this business.” Which was true. He proceeded to tell me how I never did aim to go higher. I got too “comfortable” where I was. He told me that I had to be “hungry for it.” It wasn’t fun to be having this conversation, but I needed to hear it.

He strongly “encouraged” (and I put “encouraged” in quotations because it was a very heated argument) me to go ahead and get my lawyer. Go ahead and start emailing some more influencers. Go ahead and start trying to get my clients back. 

I think we argued for about 45 minutes. I kept telling him that I didn’t want it anymore. I was tired. So tired of dealing with the heavy weights of this business. 

By the end of the argument, I told him that I would give it one last try. 

I reached out to an internet lawyer just minutes after our argument, and got signed as a client just 2 days later. She was (and is) absolutely perfect for my business. She is God-sent. She understands exactly what to do for my business from a legal standpoint which is rare considering a lot of people don’t truly understand my business model. 

I started emailing influencers for my marketing campaigns, and now I have so many that I don’t know how I will possibly use them all. 

My cup is truly running over. And I say this as a part of my testimony. I humbly give all the honor to God. 

2020 is going to be a better year for us. 

When I watched Jessie Duplantis’s video about his Heaven encounter a couple days back, I began to really understand that last year was not an attack on my business. God just wasn’t cool with me being comfortable. 

One of the things Duplantis mentioned about his experience in Heaven was his conversation with King David. David told Duplantis, “There were some things, [that] if I had listened to the Lord, I would’ve never went through.”

And I sit here today pondering how things might’ve been different with my business had I just listened, had I just said “yes” to God concerning my business. 

So, He let me endure all that I went through with my business because it was time to reach for greater. Time to dig a little deeper. Time to press a little harder. Time to step out of my comfort zone. 

You see, God isn’t a small God. He doesn’t give us small blessings. He gives us more, He gives exceedingly. He gives until our cup runs over. But sometimes, we don’t want to accept the way God wants to bless us. We want things the way we want them and that’s not how He operates. 

When I think of God, I picture him up on his golden throne. All powerful, all knowing. My God who knows best for me, who wants the best for me, and who gives nothing but the best, to me. 

Please, when you get a chance, watch this video in which Jessie Duplantis describes his Heaven experience. It will change your life.

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