Opening Up About Loss On Facebook

I wrote this post on 8/27/19 and shared it with all of my friends on Facebook, and figured I should also share it here on the blog. Thank you for reading. My Truth About Loss – 8/27/19  I want to note that this is not intended to be an attention seeking post. I just want to be open, honest, and share what we’ve been through this year.  I’ve been debating for a long time, when and if I wanted to open up to my world about this. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m talking about loss. Not talking … Continue reading Opening Up About Loss On Facebook

When you feel like you’ve lost it all – Story of Job

Disclaimer – I am most obviously not a preacher, and I am not a teacher. What I am is a Christian lady who has gone through some stuff. I am writing this with hopes of helping someone who has felt like they’ve lost it all, realize that God is still on your side. In the past, I’ve felt like my life was literally over. As dramatic as it may sound, it didn’t seem dramatic to me. Anyone who has gone through the loss of a child, especially multiple times, will tell you that the feeling is like no other. After … Continue reading When you feel like you’ve lost it all – Story of Job

My babies have gone to be with the Lord

This post may make some people uncomfortable, and that’s okay. I do this in efforts to keep the memories of our beautiful babies alive. At just 21 year old, the loss of 3 babies has been nothing short of heartbreaking. I’ve often beat myself down about being so young and “in my prime,” yet being unable to successfully bring a baby into this world. It’s not a great feeling at all. The first time we lost a baby, I let a lot of self-hatred and negativity build up within me. I questioned God often, struggling to understand why He could … Continue reading My babies have gone to be with the Lord

Why I quit school to become an entrepreneur

It’s crazy to reminiscing about where I’ve come from and how all of this started. Without boring you too much, let me share with you how I became a successful business owner at 15 years old. I’m Frugal! I’ve always been a thrifty spender. I almost never bought anything new for myself. My first instinct was always “second-hand.” Two of my favorite places to shop were Goodwill and Uptown Cheapskate. I was always able to find the trendiest clothing for a quarter of the price. Being frugal was something I actually learned from my mom. Another habit I had (and … Continue reading Why I quit school to become an entrepreneur

Positive Affirmations

The way I’ve overcome, self-hate and negativity is by positive affirmations. While I still struggle at times, I have to remember who I am, and more importantly, Who’s I am. God loves me and so I must too love myself. The losses left me feeling broken, but I am beautiful broken for God. Being broken has been the only way for me to truly draw closer to Him. Positive affirmations have helped me to stay afloat during times I wasn’t sure I would make it. I continue to tell myself that I will be a mother someday, when it is … Continue reading Positive Affirmations