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Being Married at 19

The biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken was marrying the love of my life, Sam, at just 19 years old. We fell in love in just 1 short month. And get this: We got married exactly 7 months after meeting the first time.

I’m not going to pretend that this has been an easy journey, because it hasn’t. If anything, it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I’m sure he will tell you the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, he is the love of my life. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else. I thank God every day that He sent me him. But all good things come with challenges.

We started our marriage with little to no money. We had a small, 700 sqft apartment. All of our furniture was free or from the ReStore, all of our pots, pans, and utensils were from the Goodwill, and etc. We had a rough winter as we only had 1 working vehicle, and it had no heat. So, we froze everywhere we went.

Even though we had no money, we had a lot of real love for each other. A lot of people probably thought that we wouldn’t last, but 2.5 years later we are still going strong.

Sam had to work 8-14 hour shifts after having a long, hard day at NCCU, trying to finish up his degree. The only time we really saw each other was if I decided to spend a full day at NCCU with him and wait for him to finish his classes. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t see him from 9AM until 3AM later that night.

Because my business at the time wasn’t working out for us monetarily, I spent most of my day at home trying to work on different business ideas. I would sleep some during the day with hopes of being able to stay awake to greet my husband with a hot dinner when he came home each night. I would find myself cooking at 1AM most nights which was okay.

All in all, our start was rough. But it was so worth it.

One of the biggest challenges was continuing to get to know each other, each and every day. We learned something new about each other every day. Good, bad, and ugly, every single day. I reiterate “every day” because it’s true. New things were constantly revealed about the both of us, to one another.

The one thing that was a constant, common ground for us was the love we had for each other. Even though we had a rough start, we pushed through all of the trials and it has been very rewarding.

With God in the center, it was made sure that we would be able to stick it out. We made it through the brunt of our marriage, and now we really get to enjoy each other. We still have a lot to learn about each other, but that’s what makes this relationship fun.

I’m not in any way encouraging anyone to get married at 19, after knowing each other for 7 months, but I’m not saying “don’t do it” either. Even if you think you’re ready, like we did, you’re probably not. No one can ever really “prepare” for marriage. You kinda just dive in and pray for the best! Lol.

Marriage takes work. It takes patience, understanding, and sometimes, compromise until both parties are happy. But it is so rewarding. I wouldn’t trade this love for anything.

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