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Quick 35 Minute HIIT Workout to Destroy Belly Fat Fast

One of my fitness goals for June has been to start toning up and building some muscle, so I decided to try this HIIT workout. For those who are not familiar with HIIT, it simply means “high intensity interval training.” Basically, you’re doing exercises that alternate between high intensity and low intensity, in a short amount of time. 

There’s always a lot of debate about which exercises yield the most results, but I decided to give HIIT another try because I had done an exercise boot camp last January up until Covid decided to hit us, and it worked well for me.

The exercises were hard but definitely a lot of fun. One thing I definitely noticed is how energized I felt afterwards. I was tired physically, but mentally I was definitely ready to go. My favorite times to go were in the early AM. 

It really helped me to lose weight, especially coupled with dieting. I had actually started to shed some pounds until I got pregnant (obviously a much wanted baby).

Of course I had to stop dieting once I fell pregnant, but up until then, I was definitely seeing results.

I actually kept doing the boot camp, even while I was pregnant. The instructors made it possible for me to continue by doing modified exercises. Modified HIIT is definitely an option if you’re pregnant. You don’t have to stop just because you’re pregnant! However! You definitely want to ask your doctor and make sure that you have the go-ahead to continue exercising. I am not a medical professional!

Let it be known that I am also not a certified fitness instructor/trainer! This is a homemade workout, and I want to remind you that everyone is different. Go at your own pace and modify if you need to. Don’t over exert yourself! 

Anyways, if you’re feeling up to it (I encourage you to challenge yourself), definitely check out my quick 35 minute HIIT workout below! Grab your water bottle and a towel, because you WILL SWEAT!

35 Minute HIIT Workout




HIIT Workout Written Down Below

  1. 20 sec high knees
  2. 20 sec elbow plank
  3. 10 sec basic squats
  4. 30 sec high knees
  5. 30 sec elbow plank
  6. 10 sec squat jumps
  7. 20 sec high knees
  8. 20 sec elbow plank
  9. 10 sec basic squats

Rest 2 Minutes

Repeat 7 times 

That’s it! You made it! Great job. Hope you all enjoyed this quick 35 minute HIIT workout!

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