Do You Secretly Walk in Pride?

Isaiah 2:12 (CEV) – “The Lord All-Powerful has chosen a day when those who are proud and conceited will be put down.” One of the scariest verses in the Bible that I have ever read. I think we’ve all struggled with pride once or twice in our lives. And no, I don’t mean being “proud” of the things we have accomplished, or being proud of our children reaching different milestones. I don’t even mean having a certain level of self-confidence. I mean pride; The kind of pride that God frowns on. The kind of pride, the kind of spirit that … Continue reading Do You Secretly Walk in Pride?

“You Don’t Look Like What You’ve Been Through.”

Why 2019 Wasn’t the Worst Year of My Life An open, raw look into my life in 2019. 2019 was one of the hardest years I’ve ever through, and the absolute hardest year that we’ve been through as a couple. But God. January 2019 In January 2019, we found out we were finally expecting after 7 months, which I later realized was not a long time at all to be trying to conceive.  February 2019 Just a few weeks later, 1 day before Valentine’s Day, we started miscarrying. I had never experienced a loss of any kind before, so it … Continue reading “You Don’t Look Like What You’ve Been Through.”