Positive Affirmations

The way I’ve overcome, self-hate and negativity is by positive affirmations. While I still struggle at times, I have to remember who I am, and more importantly, Who’s I am. God loves me and so I must too love myself.

The losses left me feeling broken, but I am beautiful broken for God. Being broken has been the only way for me to truly draw closer to Him. Positive affirmations have helped me to stay afloat during times I wasn’t sure I would make it.

I continue to tell myself that I will be a mother someday, when it is God’s perfect timing for me to be. I tell myself that I am not a failure. I have not failed my husband. I have not failed God and I have not failed myself. Even as I type this, I am reminding myself of these things.

I choose to stay positive, because above all else, we are still blessed beyond measure. We are blessed to be alive, blessed to have our families, blessed to have our home, and blessed to be dog parents! Sometimes we focus so much on what we’ve lost, that we fail to recognize what we do have.

All in all, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

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