Why I quit school to become an entrepreneur

It’s crazy to reminiscing about where I’ve come from and how all of this started. Without boring you too much, let me share with you how I became a successful business owner at 15 years old. I’m Frugal! I’ve always been a thrifty spender. I almost never bought anything new for myself. My first instinct was always “second-hand.” Two of my favorite places to shop were Goodwill and Uptown Cheapskate. I was always able to find the trendiest clothing for a quarter of the price. Being frugal was something I actually learned from my mom. Another habit I had (and … Continue reading Why I quit school to become an entrepreneur

Positive Affirmations

The way I’ve overcome, self-hate and negativity is by positive affirmations. While I still struggle at times, I have to remember who I am, and more importantly, Who’s I am. God loves me and so I must too love myself. The losses left me feeling broken, but I am beautiful broken for God. Being broken has been the only way for me to truly draw closer to Him. Positive affirmations have helped me to stay afloat during times I wasn’t sure I would make it. I continue to tell myself that I will be a mother someday, when it is … Continue reading Positive Affirmations